Zong Sim Number Check Code 2023 (Updated)

Zong is a leading telecommunications company in Pakistan, providing mobile network services to millions of customers. One of the most basic and important pieces of information that a customer may need is their SIM number. Zong makes it easy for its customers to check their SIM numbers by using a simple USSD code.

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Checking your Zong SIM number is a quick and straightforward process. Here’s how you can do it:

  • 1st Method

Dial *8# code from your Phone Dialer

You will receive an automatic reply

You will see your Zong SIM number on the screen

  • 2nd Method

Dial *100# from your phone Dial pad

You would see a reply sms

Type a specific digit to check your phone number detail

  • 3rd Method

Dial Zong Helpline number 310

Talk to Zong Representative

They will ask about owner details for verification

Finally, you would receive your number in the SMS

  • 4th Method

Type MNP text in the SMS box of your phone

Send it to 667

You would receive a complete detail about your Zong number

  • 5th Method

Open Google Play Store

Download My Zong App

Click on Start Button

Your Number will be automatically detected and display

  • 6th Method

Type “O” in the SMS of your Phone

Send it to 7911

You would receive a complete detail about Zong SIM number, CNIC

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Q: Do I need an internet connection to use the code *8#?

A: No, the code *8# is a USSD code that can be entered via the phone dialer and does not require an internet connection.

Q: Can I check the SIM number of another Zong user?

A: No, you can only check the SIM number associated with the phone that you are using. To check the SIM number of another Zong user, they will need to use the code *8# themselves or provide you with their SIM number.

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