Warning Against Russian Hackers

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to another blog. In this blog, we will talk about, Warning Against Russian Hackers. As we earlier comes to know about that the Israeli hackers attack on the systems of the Pakistanis. And, try to steal their sensitive data. Same as Israeli hackers now Russian hackers are trying to do the same with the system to take sensitive data of the Pakistani users. So, government warns all the Pakistani people against Russian hackers to make their data more. And, more secure and use the software that are approved by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

From numerous resources government comes to know that these Russian hackers are probably trying to enter in the systems of government institutions. And, they are trying to steal official data. So, to avoid any loss or damage, you first have to do safety measures to protect your systems from Russian hackers.

A circular person is sent to all the provinces, ministries and divisions, nominated by the federal government. Additionally, the purpose of these visits by the circular person is to make aware the government institutions about these cyber attacks by the Russian hackers. Moreover the aim of this visit is to tell them ways how to protect their systems from these hackers. By using several online and offline serving networks.

The circular says:

“The location of all types of files should be kept in sight and incoming internet traffic. And, the user’s control should be strengthened.”


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“Passowrds must be changed regularly at an administrator level. And, entities should prepare a comprehensive plan to tackle any emergency situation.”

It is also comes to know that the circular person nominated by the federal government also warns all the people to avoid illegal and suspicious companies. And, must avoid sharing with them your personal information, and also along with Russian hackers still be aware of the Israeli hackers.

As the precautionary measures given by the federal government circular person, do not share your information and official documents with illegal websites. And, strictly do not click on the links of the unauthorized websites. That are sharing on whatsapp in after every 2 to 3 days. These allow hackers to easily access your system and steal your data.

Moreover, in the given measures it is also mentioned that do not install unauthorized apps. That are not approved and available on Playstore and Applestore for your data protection. Moreover use higher security of system when you are using public WiFi networks.


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