Use Apple Logo as a Secret Button on iPhone

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to another blog. This article will delve into the intriguing and much-discussed topic of “Use Apple Logo as a Secret Button on iPhone”. Many iPhone users are unaware of a hidden functionality within the Apple logo on the back of their devices. This logo is not just for design, but can also function as a virtual button.

Introduced in iOS 14 and subsequent operating systems, this feature, aptly named “back tap,” empowers users to execute various actions by simply tapping on the logo. However, in order to unlock this intriguing functionality, it is necessary to disable the logo’s default behavior. Stay tuned as we provide a step-by-step guide on how to utilize the Apple logo as a virtual button.

To enable your iPhone’s logo button and make your device’s functionality even more convenient, follow these simple steps:

  • Begin by opening the settings on your iPhone, which can be easily accessed from the home screen.
  • Within the settings menu, carefully scan and locate the option labeled ‘Accessibility.’ Once found, give it a confident tap to proceed.
  • Once inside the Accessibility menu, you’ll be greeted with a range of accessibility features. Keep scrolling down until you spot the enticing ‘Accessibility Touch’ option. Without hesitation, tap on it to delve further.
  • Now that you’re in the Accessibility Touch menu, it’s time to uncover the hidden gem: the ‘Back Tap’ feature. Give your screen a gentle nudge with your finger to reach this captivating option.
  • As you engage with the Back Tap feature, a delightful choice will present itself before you. You’ll have the pleasure of selecting either the double tap or the triple tap functionality. Make your decision wisely, as this will define the action associated with your logo button.
  • Once you make your choice, the system will present you with a magnificent array of functions to assign to your tap, keeping the excitement alive.
  • As a friendly reminder, it’s crucial to note that you can only assign a single function to your tap. So, choose wisely and consider the feature that will truly amplify your iPhone experience.
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By following these meticulously crafted steps, users of iPhones equipped with iOS 14 and above can unlock a realm of enhanced convenience and efficiency. Enjoy harnessing the power of your logo button like never before!


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