Telegram Adds Stories

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to another blog. This article will discuss the topic in detail “Telegram Adds Stories”. During a recent announcement, Pavel Durov, the CEO of Telegram, revealed that the messaging app plans to launch Stories in early July. Durov recognized the longstanding demand from users for this feature, as more than half of the feature requests received by Telegram revolved around Stories. Although initially hesitant due to the prevalence of Stories on other platforms, the company ultimately chose to prioritize user feedback and integrate the feature into its app.

Telegram has introduced Stories, granting users complete control over the visibility of their stories. Users now have the freedom to choose who can view their Stories, whether it be everyone, their contacts, a select few individuals, or a personalized list of close friends.

To enhance convenience, Stories are conveniently located in an easily expandable section positioned at the top of the chat list. This ensures effortless access for users. Furthermore, users have the added option to selectively hide Stories from specific contacts by effortlessly moving them to the designated “Hidden” list within their Contacts section. By doing so, users can maintain a clutter-free main screen, tailored to their preferences.

Users can enhance their storytelling experience by including captions and links in their Stories. They also can tag other individuals, fostering easy interaction and engagement. The feature enables users to capture photos and videos. Simultaneously using both the front and rear cameras, similar to the BeReal-style concept.

Moreover, users have full control throughout their Stories. They can select an expiration time of 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours. It is ensuring that the Story becomes invisible after the chosen period.

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Users have the option to permanently display Stories on their profile page, just like Instagram’s Story highlights. This feature allows them to curate a captivating collection of unforgettable moments for their audience to relish and enjoy.


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