Squid Game Season 2 | Expected Release Date

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to another blog. Today we will talk about everything you need to know about Squid Game Season 2. Squid Game has taken the world by storm, and fans are already speculating about the expected release date of the second season. In this article, we will explore all the rumors, leaks, and official statements regarding Squid Game season 2’s release date.

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Squid Game Season 2

Squid Game is a South Korean television series that premiered on Netflix on September 17, 2021. The series has become a global sensation, with millions of viewers tuning in to watch the story of 456 contestants who play children’s games for a chance to win a massive cash prize. The show’s creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, has teased the possibility of a second season, but when can we expect it to be released?

Release Date

The makers of the popular series Squid Games have not yet released any specific date for season 2. However, they have released a teaser of the new season on 12 June 2022. It has been confirmed that a brand new season of Squid Games is coming soon. Netflix has also confirmed the news, and viewers are eagerly waiting to know the Squid Game Season 2 Release Date.

The series is so popular and successful that people are still watching it on Netflix. During an interview, the director of Squid Game, Hwang, said that viewers should expect the release of Squid Game Season 2 around the end of 2023 or at the beginning of 2024. Hwang mentioned that he has only written 3 pages of the script but also promised that the new season will feature new games that would repeatedly test people’s humanity.

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The makers of Squid Game have not yet released a confirmed list of the cast for the new season. It is difficult to assume the cast as most of the previous cast members, except for Seong Gi-hun, died as per the game’s rules. Familiar faces cannot be expected in the new season. Although, previous players like actors Park Hae-soo, Oh Yeong-su, and Hoyeon might make a comeback, only in flashbacks as Gi-hun takes on the games once again, remembering his fallen friends. We need to wait for the release of season 2.


The first trailer of the season is released a month ago, and you can see the trailer easily on YouTube. However, you can watch the teaser which they released on 12 June 2022 to get an idea of what will happen in the new season. The concept of the show remains the same, which is whether people will abandon their humanity for the game and money. Stay connected with us to get any updates from the makers on our website. Let’s wait and see how season 2 will unfold.


It is not yet known specifically how many episodes will be in the new season of Squid Game, as Squid Game Season 2 is far from release. However, as Season 1 had a total of 8 episodes, it is possible that the number of episodes in Season 2 will remain the same. An overview of Squid Game can be seen in the form of a table.

Name of the seriesSquid Game
SeasonSeason 2
Type of contentWeb Series
Date of releasingExpecting at the end of 2023 or at the start of 2024
Language of seriesKorean
GenreAction, Mystery, Drama, Survival
Total no. of episodesNot confirmed
Name of the directorHwang Dong-hyuk
Name of the writerHwang Dong-hyuk
Streaming channelNetflix
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