Sim Check CNIC 2023 – Online Check Sim Number Through Cnic

A CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) is an important document in Pakistan as it serves as proof of identity for citizens. In order to maintain national security and prevent illegal activities, the Pakistani government has linked all SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards to CNICs. This means that every SIM card in use in Pakistan is registered under a specific CNIC number.

If you have a CNIC, it’s important to know the number of SIM cards registered under it. This can help you keep track of your SIM cards and ensure that no unauthorized person is using a SIM under your name. Checking the SIMs registered on your CNIC is a simple process, and can be done through an SMS method.

Here’s how you can check the SIMs registered on your CNIC in Pakistan:

  1. Send an SMS with your CNIC number (without dashes) to 668.
  2. Wait for a reply from the mobile phone companies. You will receive a list of all SIMs registered on your CNIC.

It’s important to note that this method may not work for all mobile phone companies. In such cases, you can visit the nearest customer service center of the relevant mobile phone company and provide your CNIC for verification. The customer service representative will then be able to provide you with the list of SIMs registered under your CNIC.

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Sim Check CNIC
Sim Check CNIC

How to check jazz sim number id card 2023

There is now a single network for Jazz and Warid. This number can also be used to verify the SIM check on CNIC for Warid users. Jazz has won the hearts of its users by providing a seamless 4G connection. You can check the number of SIMs on your ID card with jazz if you are having trouble with the online sim check method.

  1. You can check the sim number by texting CNIC without a gap to 6001
  2. Sending a phone number to 6001 will check the PTA SIM card
  3. CNIC SIM check by sending CNIC to 668 SIM check number

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How to check Telenor sim Number 2023

Telenor is a renowned cellular company in Pakistan. With its pocket-friendly budget and mind-blowing deals, it has the most significant number of users. Below are the options for checking the number of SIMs on ID cards.

  1. Call 345 and ask the operator how many SIMs are on CNIC.
  2. To find out if your number is BVS verified, send a blank SMS to 7751.
  3. To find the nearest Telenor retailer, send a blank SMS to 7750. You can check your CNIC sim there. Ask the operator to block those numbers that violate your CNIC.
  4. You can check your SIM registration by sending a blank SMS to 7421. The operator will send you an SMS with your number about the SIM registration check
  5. Send CNIC to 668, SIM check number.

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How to check Ufone sim Number 2023

Over the last few years, Ufone has attracted customers with amazing bundle offers. Using your Ufone number, you can check the sim number online through CNIC.

  1. Dial *336#, and then enter 1. Your cell number will be verified
  2. Send CNIC to 668, SIM check number
  3. Contact your nearest Ufone customer care center to find out how many SIMs are registered on your CNIC. If you are not using the SIMs on CNIC, you can request that they be blocked.

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Zong Sim Number Check 2023

Pakistan’s first 5G cellular company is Zong. There is no need to worry if you don’t have to check your SIM online. To check your CNIC SIM, follow these steps.

  1. CNIC SIM check by sending CNIC to 668 SIM check number
  2. Sending “v” to 7911 is the PTA SIM check method
  3. You will be transferred to the operator by dialing 301. You can ask him verbally how many SIM cards are on your CNIC. Unused SIMs on CNIC should be blocked.
    You might find these useful in verifying the SIM check on your CNIC.

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