Repairable Modular Headphone Introduced by Fairphone

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to another blog. This article will discuss the topic in detail “Repairable Modular Headphone Introduced by Fairphone”.  Fairphone, a sustainable and ethical smartphone manufacturer, has introduced a new product to its lineup: the Repairable Modular Headphone.

The Repairable Modular Headphone has a modular design. Users can replace any damaged or worn-out part easily. This eliminates the need to replace the entire headphone when just one part breaks. As a result, it’s more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

The well-known company, Fairphone, has introduced headphones to their product line. This move builds upon the company’s reputation for creating sustainable technology products. Fairphone’s new headphones align with the company’s values of reducing waste and promoting responsible consumption.

The designers of Fairbuds XL headphones have made them modular and easy to repair. They have also used recycled materials, as expected, to promote sustainability and reduce electronic waste. As a result, users can easily take the headphones apart and fix them in case of any issues. Additionally, the use of recycled materials helps to reduce the environmental impact of producing the headphones. Overall, the Fairbuds XL headphones prioritize both durability and sustainability, making them a conscientious choice for eco-conscious consumers.


This product features a modular design that comprises 11 different components, making it effortless to disassemble and repair. One of the advantages of this design is that replacing the ear cushions is a straightforward process, which doesn’t require any tools. Typically, the battery’s capacity starts to decline after around 500 charge cycles, reaching up to 80%. However, with this product, you can easily replace the battery and continue enjoying its features without any hassle.

Fairbuds XL prioritizes sustainability by utilizing recycled materials in its construction. The earbuds are made from 100% recycled aluminum and 80% recycled plastics, while the accompanying textile pouch is crafted entirely from recycled materials. In addition, the internal electronics contain 100% recycled tin solder paste, underscoring the company’s commitment to sustainability. Overall, Fairbuds XL promotes eco-friendliness through its use of recycled materials and environmentally conscious manufacturing practices.

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The foldable wearable is designed to be lightweight, weighing just 330g, making it simple to carry around. Furthermore, it features IP54 dust and splash resistance, allowing it to withstand harsh environments. The headphones are equipped with 40mm audio drivers and connect to your phone via Bluetooth 5.1, supporting aptX HD (as well as AAC and SBC) and multi-point connectivity. Additionally, they include an onboard USB-C port for wired usage but unfortunately lack a 3.5mm jack.

The Fairbuds XL earbuds boast a long-lasting battery life, with their 800 mAh cell capable of providing up to 26 hours of playback time when using Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), and up to 30 hours without ANC. These earbuds are now available in Europe starting at a price of €250.


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