Planning Minister Leads AI Task Force Meeting

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to another blog. In this blog, we will talk about, Planning Minister Leads AI Task Force Meeting. Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal led the first meeting with the task force members on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The meeting aimed to kickstart a joint effort in utilizing AI’s potential. And paving the path for Pakistan’s knowledge-based economy, aligning with Vision 2025.

During the meeting, the minister emphasized the creation of national centers for artificial intelligence, cyber security, automation, robotics, big data, cloud computing, and applied mathematics. These centers have played a crucial role in the country’s advancements in these fields.

AI has transformed various industries, impacting people’s lives, education, employment, and government operations. The minister appreciated the progress made by Asian countries, especially China, in AI. He gained insights during his participation in a recent AI forum in China.

The minister emphasized the significance of inclusivity and working together to shape AI policies. He compared it to how Pakistan’s initial information technology policy in 1997 embraced open-source development and the participation of a wide range of individuals in generating ideas. The minister invited stakeholders from academia, industry, and overseas Pakistanis to contribute their expertise in creating an efficient AI strategy.

He also described two main levels of involvement in implementing AI. The first level intends to protect Pakistan’s future progress by using AI to improve competitiveness in sectors like exports, agriculture, and industry. He stressed the importance of recognizing weaknesses and adjusting to the evolving situation to keep Pakistan’s position in the global market intact.

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The second level aims to take advantage of the opportunities brought by AI. Additionally, the minister emphasized Pakistan’s potential to attract businesses and operations, which would create opportunities for its youthful population.

The minister also highlighted the significance of getting our country’s workforce ready for international markets in IT exports. He urged the task force members to find and determine important areas, difficulties, and chances related to AI, and create a detailed plan within thirty days. Moreover, he stressed the importance of different ministries working together to ensure a complete approach to implementing AI, involving government organizations, industry leaders, and educational institutions.


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