PARC Grants Approval to 14 High-Yielding Rice Varieties

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to another blog. This article will discuss the topic in detail “PARC Grants Approval to 14 High-Yielding Rice Varieties”. The Rice Evaluation Committee of the Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) recently conducted a thorough assessment and granted approval for the cultivation of 14 high-yielding rice varieties across Pakistan. This development brings a significant advancement in the agricultural sector as these approved varieties exhibit remarkable productivity and quality traits.

The National Institute of Genomics and Biotechnology (NIGAB), a division of PARC, has made significant contributions to rice research. According to Dawn, NIGAB has introduced four new fine rice varieties with even higher yield potential. These newly presented varieties hold great promise for enhancing rice production in the country and further strengthening Pakistan’s agricultural landscape.

PARC’s Rice Evaluation Committee and NIGAB collaborate in research and innovation. Also, they aim to meet agricultural industry demands with dedication. Their endeavors contribute significantly to sustainable food production and the prosperity of farmers nationwide.

The Variety Evaluation Committee (VEC) unanimously recommended fine rice cultivars to boost farmers’ productivity and profitability. They proposed cultivating Sona Super Basmati, a remarkable 9.5 mm long grain cultivar known for its exceptional aroma and taste. They also emphasized the significance of Vital Super Basmati, which has superior grain length and enhanced zinc and iron nutrition, benefiting both farmers and consumers.

These exceptional rice varieties were meticulously developed by the esteemed Rice Agriculture Research Institute (RARI) located at Kala Shah Kaku. Driven by a commitment to agricultural innovation, RARI has dedicated extensive efforts to create high-yielding cultivars that meet the ever-evolving demands of the market.

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Dr. Muhammad Yousuf, the National Coordinator of Rice at PARC, presented 51 proposals for rice hybrids and varieties during the committee’s session. His comprehensive portfolio provided numerous options for the committee’s consideration. His diligent research and expertise greatly contributed to the decision-making process.

During discussions, Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali, PARC Chairman, expressed unwavering trust in the productivity and profitability gains from adopting high-yielding rice varieties. His confidence reinforces the committee’s decision and highlights a promising future for regional rice farming.


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