Pakistan-Russia Direct Shipping Begins May 25

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to another blog. Today we will discuss everything you must know about Pakistan-Russia Direct Shipping Begins May 25. The diplomatic ties between Pakistan and Russia have improved steadily over the years. A new shipping route will launch on May 25, connecting the two countries directly. This milestone signifies the growing partnership. The direct shipping route brings numerous advantages for both nations. The article examines the importance of Pakistan-Russia direct shipping, its impact on trade and the economy, the challenges involved, and the collaborative efforts between the two countries.

The direct shipping between Pakistan and Russia is of great significance to both countries. It strengthens bilateral relations and creates new opportunities for trade and economic growth. This route bypasses traditional trade routes, reducing transportation costs and improving logistics efficiency.

In an exciting development, a brand-new shipping service is on the verge of commencing operations later this month. This service will establish a direct connection between Pakistan and Russia, paving the way for Pakistani products to gain enhanced access to the vast Russian market. This highly anticipated initiative is ready to deliver significant benefits, providing Pakistani businesses with greater opportunities to expand their reach and thrive in the lucrative Russian marketplace.

Abdullah Farrukh, the CEO of Pak Shaheen (Pvt) Limited and the Convener of Shipping Affairs Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), announced that a national daily reported the imminent arrival of the first ship at Karachi Port on May 25, 2023.

The executive stated that they would make payments for shipments using the Chinese currency Yuan. They also mentioned the involvement of Chinese and Pakistani banks in these transactions. According to him, this is a significant move considering the country’s economic situation and it will help Pakistani exporters. Previously, exporters had to rely on transshipment to send their products.

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The report highlighted that Pakistani products require a significant amount of time for transportation to the Russian market. During this process, other countries reap the benefits as they act as intermediaries for these transshipped products. Previously, when Pakistani fruits were shipped through other countries, it used to take over 50 days for them to reach the Russian market. However, now, with the direct route, these shipments will arrive in just 24 days.

He said that the Russian market is huge and offers great opportunities for Pakistani products to be exported. They remembered his recent trip to Russia and mentioned that there was a strong demand for Pakistani goods, which were reaching there via other nations. Moreover, He believes that if products are directly shipped, it will make Pakistani goods more competitive in the Russian market.

Russia has apparently consistently gained advantages from two-way commerce with Pakistan. The trade between the two countries reached a record-breaking sum of $757.6 million in 2020. Notably, textiles and textile products made up a significant portion, accounting for 40.1 percent of Pakistan’s exports to Russia during the same year.

Recent data indicates that Pakistan is more suitable for supplying the Russian market. Additionally, This shows a possible comprehensive trade agreement between the two nations. Moreover, It would be advantageous for Pakistan’s export industry, rather than benefiting the Russian side.


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