Official Empties Dam for Mobile Phone

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to another blog. In this blog, we will talk about, Official Empties Dam for Mobile Phone. The obsession of taking selfies has ruined the career of a government official in Chhattisgarh, India. Let’s talk about this news in detail in this article.

This story is about a 32 years old man, that belongs to Pakhanjore, district Kankar, India, and is named as Rajesh Vishwas. This man is the who, that had risks his career just for taking a single selfie. When Rajesh was clicking a selfie of him standing on the verge of Dam at Pralkot. His hands crembles and his phone slips out of his hands and directly dived into the dam water. While searching his phone he has completely empties the dam water just to search for his loving phone. This results in the loss of alot of water that had used in the power generation. That’s a big loss and a bad news.

According to a report it is confirmed that the phone was expensive and was Samsung S23 Alter, that prices almost INR 95,000. Rajesh Vishwas was a food collector and visit the dam with his friends and taking a selfie when this was happened. The phone fell in almost the 10 ft. deep water. And, Rajesh Vishwas has ordered the management to remove water from dam. Moreover, that was not his right to do this. As, in summer this water was used by the public. The searching of phone was started on Tuesday and almost ends on Thursday. When the higher authorities come to know about this incident, they took serious action against Rajesh Vishwas and charge him for that by the Kankar District Collector Priyanka Shukla.

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It is also come to know that Rajesh first searches phone for 2 days from the help of village divers, when this process is seemed as all in vain, he orders them to remove some fts. of water that was by Rajesh also a verbal order from Sub Divisional Officer of Water Resources. And, to remove some water from dam he rented a water pump on INR 7000.

Also, in the written orders Rajesh Vishwas is accused of the misuse of his authority, losing a lot of water that was public property and without taking grant from the higher officials. And, this result in the immediate suspension of Rajesh Vishwas


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