Microsoft Developing Custom Chips to Compete with Apple

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to another blog. This article will discuss the topic in detail “Microsoft Developing Custom Chips to Compete with Apple”. Reportedly, Microsoft is developing custom chips to rival Apple in the hardware market. This move aims to enhance device performance and distinguish itself from competitors. For several years, Apple has been utilizing its own custom-designed chips based on ARM architecture in its devices. These chips have been a critical factor in the success of Apple’s products, such as the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Apple’s custom chips are highly optimized for their software, delivering better performance, longer battery life, and advanced features.

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Microsoft Developing Custom Chips to Compete with Apple
Microsoft Developing Custom Chips to Compete with Apple

Following the success of Apple’s M series chips, Microsoft is planning to enter the custom silicon market. According to a report by Windows Latest, Microsoft is presently developing custom ARM chips that will be optimized to work in tandem with the new Windows 12 operating system to achieve maximum efficiency.

The company has posted several job listings to support its endeavor, which highlights Microsoft’s plans for the future. These listings comprise positions such as Principal System on Chip Silicon Architect, Principal Design Engineer, Senior Physical Design Verification Engineer, and Senior Silicon Power Integrity CAD Manager.

Apple has designed its M-series chips to complement macOS software, providing MacBook users with optimal performance and extended battery life. This approach also allows for greater control over hardware, optimizing power efficiency and performance. At present, Apple is in the process of developing the M3 chip, which TSMC will manufacture using a 3nm architecture.

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Reports suggest that Microsoft is currently developing Windows 12, which will feature optimizations specifically designed for its custom silicon. Next year, the company plans to release new features that capitalize on its own ARM chip and AI-centric capabilities.

Drawing definitive conclusions is premature as Microsoft holds the details. Meanwhile, Apple maintains its lead in the custom chip industry and readies for the launch of its third-generation chip based on 3nm architecture, offering enhanced performance and better battery life.


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