Link WhatsApp to Multiple iPhones Now

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to another blog. In this blog, we will talk about, Link WhatsApp to Multiple iPhones Now. WhatsApp has now made it possible for Android users to connect up to five Android phones to a single account using Companion mode. And good news for iOS users, this feature is now available for them as well.

The newest WhatsApp update (version 23.10.76) for iOS brings a new feature. You can download it from the App Store. Like on Android, the iOS version of the messaging app syncs your chat history smoothly. This means all your messages will be available on all your connected devices, just like WhatsApp Web and Desktop.

WhatsApp always ensures that all conversations have end-to-end encryption, even on linked devices. However, certain features like messaging broadcast lists and status updates are only available on the “main” device. Additionally, the latest version of WhatsApp now automatically plays GIFs in chats without users having to tap on the message.

WhatsApp for businesses on Android will soon introduce a new feature called Status Archive. This feature was found in a beta version of the software. It allows business owners to save specific account statuses for later use, making it easier to reuse them when needed.

WhatsApp plans to enable screen sharing during calls, similar to Discord, Skype, Google Meet, and other competing apps. The application will also introduce unique usernames, akin to Twitter, to simplify adding contacts without sharing phone numbers, enhancing privacy.


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