Karachi Customs Seizes Smuggled Goods

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to another blog. In this blog, we will talk about, Karachi Customs Seizes Smuggled Goods. Customs enforcement in Karachi, Pakistan, recently launched a major operation against smuggling networks, leading to the seizure of smuggled goods valued at Rs. 792 million within the last 20 days. The confiscated items include petrol from Iran.

Amir Thahim, the Customs Enforcement Collector, disclosed the details of a joint operation that aimed at apprehending organized groups involved in smuggling Iranian fuel and other goods. Thahim shared the specifics during a press conference held at the Customs House.

The enforcement department achieved a major success by intercepting a large amount of smuggled Iranian diesel, vehicles without proper documentation, and other illicit items during their operation. These seizures have significantly impacted the illegal activities that have been negatively affecting Pakistan’s economy.

The department halted a total of 14 tankers carrying Iranian diesel and petrol. These tankers were transporting 262,247 liters of fuel. Furthermore, they confiscated 21 vehicles that were smuggled and had not paid duty. These vehicles included expensive cars and jeeps worth Rs. 209 million.

Authorities confiscated various items during the operation, including betel, gutka, cosmetics, cigarettes, almonds, soap, and dry milk, which altogether had a total value of Rs. 792 million. Additionally, they apprehended two cases involving hidden sugar being transported in buses.

Amir Thahim highlighted that smuggling is causing problems in transporting necessary goods to regions near Pakistan’s borders. The Customs Department confirmed its determination to remain watchful and enforce strict actions against individuals involved in such unlawful activities.

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