Jazz Sim Number Check Code 2023 Updated

Jazz is a leading telecommunications company in Pakistan, providing mobile network services to millions of customers. One of the most basic and important pieces of information that a customer may need is their SIM number. Jazz makes it easy for its customers to check their SIM numbers by using a simple USSD code.

Checking your Jazz SIM number is a quick and straightforward process. Here’s how you can do it:

  • 1st Method:

Dial *99# code from your phone Dial Pad

You would check your Jazz SIM number on the screen

  • 2nd Method:

Type MNP in the SMS of your Mobile phone

Send it to 667

You would receive a reply sms including your Jazz SIM number

  • 3rd Method:

Dial Jazz Helpline number 111

Talk to Jazz Representative

Verify your SIM ownership

Finally, you would receive your number in the SMS

  • 4th Method:

Open Google App Store from your phone

Search and Download Jazz World App

Complete the App Registration process

You would see your Jazz number on display

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Q: Is the code *99# the same for all Jazz customers?

A: Yes, the code *99# is the same for all Jazz customers in Pakistan.

Q: Why would I need to check my Jazz SIM number?

A: You may need to check your Jazz SIM number for various reasons, such as when replacing a lost or damaged phone, transferring a phone number to a new device, or for security purposes.

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