Japan Grants ¥315 Million Extension to Pakistan

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to another blog. This article will discuss the topic in detail “Japan Grants ¥315 Million Extension to Pakistan”. A significant signing ceremony took place at the Ministry of Economic Affairs on Thursday, marking the Exchange of Notes and Grant Agreement between the Governments of Pakistan and Japan.

The purpose of this agreement was to solidify the collaboration for the Human Resource Development Scholarship Program (JDS) for the year 2023. Moreover, the Government of Japan, through JICA, generously extended a substantial grant assistance amounting to JPY 315 million (equivalent to approximately US$ 2.4 million) to the Government of Pakistan for the aforementioned year. This financial support will greatly contribute to the advancement of educational opportunities and the development of human resources in Pakistan.

A generous grant offers a remarkable opportunity for young and talented Federal Civil Service officers/Ex-Cadre officers. They will receive seventeen (17) scholarships for Masters’s programs and an additional scholarship for a Ph.D./Doctorate Program. These scholarships provide access to prestigious educational institutions across diverse Japanese universities. The pursuit of higher education will empower scholars with invaluable knowledge and experiences. It will nurture their growth and foster stronger ties between Pakistan and Japan.

Since its inception in 2018, a total of five batches, each consisting of approximately 18 participants, have successfully availed themselves of the scholarship offered by the JDS project. This initiative has made significant contributions to the capacity building of young officers, empowering them to enhance their performance and effectively contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

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The government officials of Pakistan receive frequent invitations from Japan for various short-term training courses conducted within Japan’s borders. These courses supplement the JDS project. They offer a valuable opportunity for Pakistani officials to acquire new knowledge, exchange ideas, and enhance their skills. This benefits their professional growth and contributes to the overall development of the nation.

Muhammad Humair Karim, Acting Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Saeed Ashraf Siddiqi, Joint Secretary (Japan) of the Economic Affairs Division (EAD), expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Government and people of Japan for their invaluable support. Also, they expressed profound gratitude and extended their heartfelt thanks, acknowledging the immense assistance provided by Japan.

Both officials expressed an unwavering commitment to facilitating and supporting cooperation between the nations. Additionally, their aim is to foster and nurture a profound and meaningful partnership. They underscored the significance of this collaboration in driving mutual growth, development, and prosperity.


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