How To Solve Ehsaas Biometric Fingerprint Problem 2023

 If There is no need to worry if you are facing the Ehsaas Biometric Fingerprint problem. Please follow all the instructions below;

If you have a biometric fingerprint issue, you don’t have to go home and follow the steps;

  1. Use cream or wet on your thumb.
  2. Instead of using your thumb for biometric verification, you can use another finger.
  3. Make sure the glass of the Biometric machine where your fingerprint will be taken is clean
  4. Fingerprints can be verified up to eight times
  5. You can go to any other agent if you are not successful in fingerprint verification within eight attempts.
  6. If you fail to get verified, you must visit a NADRA office in your area.
  7. The following mediums are also available for you to lodge your complaint.
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