Governor Sindh It Courses Registration 2023

Registration for IT Courses in Governor Sindh for 2023 Governor Kamran Khan Tessori has introduced a bold project offering free IT training classes in an innovative effort to empower Sindh’s young. Through the official website,, interested individuals can submit their online application forms for the Governor Sindh IT Courses Registration 2023 in Karachi.

Governor Of Sindh Offer Free It Training For 50,000 Youth

Recognising the enormous potential for development and employment opportunities in the digital sphere, this initiative’s cutting-edge courses are designed to empower students and open doors to rewarding opportunities. Governor Kamran Khan Tessori emphasised the value of successfully completing the Governor Sindh IT Courses Registration and the chances for employment that await individuals who take part in these courses.

Website Registration For It Governor Sindh It Courses

The government’s commitment to provide the youth with skills that are in line with the demands of the labour market is underscored by the fact that the execution of the IT training plan is set to begin after the month of Ramadan. The Governor wants to close the skills gap between industry demands and employment prospects, which would ultimately lead to a brighter future for Sindh’s youth.

Transforming Karachi Into An It Hub

It is important to note that no money from the Governor House or the Sindh government is being used to carry out this IT project. Instead, the programme is funded by donors, personal donations, and strategic alliances with recognised organisations like Saylani and JDC. Through collaboration, the programme will be implemented effectively and sustainably.

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Collaboration to Develop Skills

Participants would be able to earn up to Rs1.5 million each month using the knowledge and skills they gain from the IT classes, demonstrating the enormous value and usefulness of this programme. In order to choose the qualified candidates for the IT courses, the programme will begin with an aptitude exam held at the Governor House.

Form for Student Course Registration

Governor Tessori’s dedication to openness and the common good is demonstrated by his attempts to give everyone the same chances, regardless of background or means. This innovative programme intends to educate and prepare 50,000 people with cutting-edge knowledge in Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse, and Web 3 by utilising the historic Governor House in Karachi.

How can I sign up for IT training courses in the governor’s mansion?

Governor Tessori has enlisted the assistance of IT experts Sir Zia Khan and Daniyal Nagori to ensure the program’s success and sustainability. These individuals have proven their commitment to the cause by making voluntary contributions and pledging to provide their services without charge.

Online Registration 

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