FoodPanda Collaborates With SIEHS

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to another blog. This article will discuss the topic in detail “FoodPanda Collaborates With SIEHS”.Food Panda, the leading food delivery service, conducted a basic life support training session for its riders last week. The company recognizes the significance of rider safety and well-being. The training aimed to equip riders with life-saving skills. Food Panda strives to enhance their preparedness in handling emergencies. This initiative reflects the company’s commitment to prioritizing rider safety. It reinforces Food Panda’s role as a trusted partner in delivering meals efficiently and responsibly.

The daily responsibilities of Foodpanda riders entail successfully navigating through busy streets, coping with unpredictable weather conditions, and handling various road hazards. Moreover, unforeseen accidents and medical emergencies can arise at any moment. Recognizing the importance of addressing these challenges, Foodpanda took the initiative to organize a comprehensive training session. Collaborating with the Sindh Integrated Emergency Health Service (SIEHS), the training session was held at Foodpanda’s office in Karachi.

Foodpanda organized a training session to equip riders with essential emergency skills. The objective was to provide prompt first aid, CPR, and other vital interventions. Although, the initiative reflects Foodpanda’s commitment to rider preparedness. Additionally, they aim to effectively respond to accidents and medical emergencies. The training enhances rider safety and well-being. Foodpanda prioritizes both riders and the community they serve.

Muntaqa Peracha, CEO of Foodpanda, prioritizes rider safety and well-being. He emphasizes the significance of providing life support training to riders. The training builds vital skills and instills confidence. Moreover, it enables prompt and effective responses in emergencies. Peracha remains dedicated to enhancing safety measures and support systems. Foodpanda strives to create a secure environment for its riders.

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Foodpanda collaborated with the renowned organization, SIEHS (Special Institute of Emergency Healthcare Services), to establish a fruitful partnership aimed at enhancing the skills and preparedness of its dedicated riders. Additionally, this collaborative effort enabled Foodpanda to leverage the expertise of highly trained professionals in emergency healthcare, ensuring the highest standard of training for its riders.

During the comprehensive training session, Foodpanda riders had the opportunity to acquire essential knowledge and practical skills through a combination of hands-on demonstrations, theoretical lessons, and engaging practical exercises. These interactive sessions were specifically designed to augment the riders’ ability to effectively respond to emergency situations.


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