Discussions on Food Security Initiatives Between Pakistan and UAE

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to another blog. In this article, we will discuss in detail the topic “Discussions on Food Security Initiatives Between Pakistan and UAE”. Pakistan and the UAE have been discussing food security initiatives due to their critical nature in the region. Their ongoing discussions aim to find solutions to the growing problem of food insecurity and its potential impact on the region.

Both countries have historically maintained close ties, working together on various initiatives over the years. Food security is among the initiatives where they collaborate, with an emphasis on finding viable solutions to the problem.

The discussions have intensified in recent years as the issue of food insecurity continues to grow. The two countries are exploring various food security initiatives to address this problem effectively. This article will provide an overview of these initiatives and their potential impact on the region.

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Discussions on Food Security Initiatives Between Pakistan and UAE
Discussions on Food Security Initiatives Between Pakistan and UAE

Food Security Initiative

Bakheet Al Romaithi, Consul General of the United Arab Emirates in Karachi, met with Fahd Haroon, Minister of State and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Public Communication and Digital Platforms, to discuss matters related to food security and climate change awareness.

The meeting revolved around the UAE food program for Pakistan initiated by Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Haroon briefed the UAE media delegation about Pakistan’s efforts to combat food insecurity, specifically in the Sindh province.

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The UAE-Pakistan Assistance Programme has provided aid in areas such as health, poverty alleviation, education, and disaster relief. The cooperation between the government of Sindh and the UAE on the ‘Emirates Humanitarian’ medical campaign has satisfied the Consul General. The campaign aimed to provide health facilities to the poor in Sindh.

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In Pakistan, the problem of acute malnutrition is severe, with one district categorized as serious and eight districts in Sindh at a critical level. The UAE is implementing a food assistance program that seeks to tackle this issue effectively. Pakistan has an overall malnutrition prevalence of 38.3%, with 17.7 million stunted and 9.7 million wasted children under five years of age.

Haroon’s meeting with the Consul General is a clear indication of Pakistan and UAE’s commitment to addressing food insecurity and improving the well-being of vulnerable populations. The UAE’s food assistance program, coupled with Pakistan’s initiatives in the Sindh province, will play a critical role in combating malnutrition in the country.

Both countries are dedicated to tackling the issue of food insecurity in Pakistan, as evident from their joint efforts. The meeting between Haroon and the Consul General highlights their shared determination to find a long-term solution to the problem. The UAE’s food assistance program will provide much-needed relief to vulnerable populations, while Pakistan’s initiatives in the Sindh province will go a long way in addressing the issue of malnutrition.


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