Decline of 3G/4G Users in Pakistan

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to another blog. This article will discuss the topic in detail “Decline of 3G/4G Users in Pakistan”. The latest data released by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has revealed a concerning trend for the telecommunications sector in Pakistan. In May 2023, for the second consecutive month, there was a notable decline in the number of cellular subscribers, broadband penetration, and teledensity.

Specifically, the total number of cellular subscribers in the country witnessed a slight decrease, dropping from 192.60 million at the end of April to 192.27 million at the end of May. This decline may indicate certain challenges or shifts in consumer behavior within the telecommunications market.

Furthermore, the data highlighted a decrease of 0.18 million users in the 3G and 4G categories, which declined from 124.29 million at the end of April 2023 to 124.11 million at the end of May. This decline in 3G and 4G users could potentially reflect a slowdown in the adoption of these advanced mobile technologies.

The decreasing trend in cellular subscribers, broadband penetration, and teledensity raises concerns within the industry, prompting the need for further analysis to identify underlying factors contributing to this decline. Stakeholders and experts in the telecommunications sector will likely closely monitor these developments to devise strategies and initiatives to address the challenges and stimulate growth in the future.

NGMS penetration declined from 52.47% in April to 52.3% in May. Cellular teledensity dropped from 81.3% in April to 81.03% in May. Overall teledensity decreased from 82.39% in April to 82.12% in May.

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Jazz, a leading telecom provider, saw a decrease in its 3G user base. The count dropped from 4.510 million to 4.445 million. The reduction amounted to 0.065 million users. Additionally, Jazz’s 4G user count declined from 42.588 million to 42.377 million between April and May 2023.

The figures show changes in the telecom landscape. Fluctuations are seen in NGMS penetration. Teledensity is also affected. Jazz’s user base in 3G and 4G services are impacted.

Zong’s 3G subscribers declined from 2.613 million to 2.577 million by end-May. On the other hand, their 4G user base grew from 32.235 million to 32.298 million during the same period.

Telenor, a significant player in the telecom industry, experienced a decline in its 3G subscribers. The count dropped from 2.905 million at the end of April to 2.841 million by the end of May. Additionally, Telenor also saw a decrease in its 4G user numbers, falling from 23.014 million to 22.934 million.

Ufone’s 3G user base remained stable at 2.705 million by the end of May, compared to 2.745 million in April. However, Ufone saw growth in its 4G user count, increasing from 12.245 million to 12.498 million, indicating a rise of 0.253 million during the review period.

These fluctuations in subscriber numbers reflect the dynamic nature of the telecom market. Where consumer preferences continue to evolve with the increasing demand for advanced mobile services.


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