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Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to another blog. This article will discuss the topic in detail “Create Facebook Business Page”. Amidst the current spotlight on emerging social networks like TikTok, the once vibrant buzz surrounding the pioneering social platform for businesses, Facebook, seems to have waned. However, with a staggering 2.91 billion monthly users, a remarkable 79% of whom engage daily, it remains imperative for you to establish your presence there.

Fear not, creating a Facebook Business Page is both effortless and cost-free. Beyond the prospect of expanding your audience, this page opens up a realm of opportunities, enabling you to connect with an Instagram Shop and, undoubtedly, venture into the realm of Facebook advertising. Continue reading to unravel the secrets of setting up your very own Facebook Business Page in the most effective manner.

About Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Business Page serves as a dedicated public profile on the platform, exclusively crafted for businesses, organizations, and public figures to effectively exhibit and advertise their presence. Customers can easily follow or “Like” Facebook Business Pages to stay updated with posts, photos, and videos shared by their favorite brands, companies, and creators, and also interact with them. In order to advertise on Facebook, set up a Facebook Shop, and utilize various Facebook Commerce and promotional tools, it is essential to have a Facebook Business Page.

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Steps to Create Facebook Business Page

To create your Facebook business page, follow the following steps;

1- Make a Personal Facebook Account

  • Facebook Business Pages differ from Facebook profiles or users as they are assets managed by a personal account, referred to as the Page administrator.
  • A Page can have multiple administrators, which will be discussed later.
  • To maintain a clear distinction between personal and work lives, you have the option to either use your existing personal Facebook account or create a new one using your work email address. (If you don’t recall last year’s holiday party, it’s strongly recommended to separate your accounts.)
  • Access your Facebook account and proceed to create a Facebook Page.
  • Alternatively, you can navigate to the menu icon on the left, and select “Page” from the “Create” section.

2- Add your basic information

Please provide your business information to create a Facebook Business Page. You can add more details later, but for now, you need three things:

  • Name: Choose a public name for your Page. Usually, your business name is sufficient. If there is another popular Facebook Business Page or company with the same name, you may want to add a descriptor to differentiate yourself, like “Michelle’s Restaurant” instead of just “Michelle’s.”
  • Category: Start typing a word that describes your business, and Facebook will suggest options. Select the category.
  • Description/Bio: Write a one or two-sentence summary of your business, like an elevator pitch.

Once you have these details, tap “Create Page.” Congratulations, you’ve successfully created a Facebook Page!

3- Add your Facebook Business Page information

  • Please provide additional details by following the prompts, including your business hours, website, phone number, and other relevant information.
  • You have the option to leave certain fields blank if you do not wish to advertise your phone number or address.
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4- Set Profile and Cover Images

  • To enhance your Facebook Page, make sure to incorporate recognizable branding in your profile and cover photos, so customers can easily identify your page.
  • Include your logo in your profile picture and experiment with adding a background color to make it more prominent.
  • As for the cover photo, you can choose something related to your business or update it to reflect current promotions and events.
  • Keep in mind that social media image sizes may change, but for 2023, aim for a profile picture in a square format with a minimum size of 170px x 170px, and a cover photo with dimensions of 851px x 315px.

5- Add Action Button

  • The main call to action on your Page is the action button at the top.
  • You can use it to link to your website, a special landing page or offer, or connect to business-specific services.
  • To add an action button, tap on the “Add Action Button” and choose the desired promotion, such as linking to a website or app, getting people to contact you, or connecting a specific action.

6- Make the Most of Your Facebook Page

To optimize your new Page, follow these steps:

  • Add your website: Include your website URL and provide a brief description in the About section.
  • Connect WhatsApp: Enable customers to reach out via WhatsApp Business instead of Facebook Messenger by connecting your Page.
  • Provide location and hours: If you have a physical business, add your address and opening hours in the About section.
  • Enable reviews: Build trust with visitors by showcasing ratings and reviews on your Facebook Page. Monitor reviews for authenticity and respond to any negative feedback promptly.
  • Customize your Page tabs: Hide irrelevant sections such as Likes, Reviews, Music, Sports, Books, etc. From your Page management dashboard, select More, then Manage sections.
  • Create a custom URL: Choose a unique Facebook Page URL or username to make your Page appear more credible. Set it up in General Page Settings under Settings.
  • Pin a post (optional): Create a new post exclusively for your Facebook Page fans. Offer a coupon or link to other promotions, profiles, and more. This serves as a concise introduction to your Page and business.
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7- Add a post

In order for individuals to actively discover your Facebook Page and find a compelling reason to hit that “follow” button, it is crucial that you consistently share remarkable and engaging content.


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