Buy iPhone 15 In Installments In UAE

Buy iPhone 15 In Installments In UAE- Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blogs. Apple company has revealed the price of the new iPhone 15. The price for the iPhone is a little bit higher as compared to the last versions. Now people who are looking for a product and have to buy an iPhone have to know about the iPhone available in installments. In UAE people from different countries travel just to buy iPhone 15. The excitement in the UAE is high compared to other countries. The iPhone has added a new feature of USB-C charging and the fast A17 chipset.

Buy iPhone 15 In Installments In UAE
Buy iPhone 15 In Installments In UAE

The selling of the brand-new iPhone started on September 15. Now people can order their iPhone 15 series in UAE. The people who order their iPhone on 15 can pick up their phones on September 22. The price in UAE starts from Dh3,399.

Buy iPhone 15 In Installments In UAE: 

Vikas Chadha, CEO of Jumbo Electronics, is optimistic about the sale of the iPhone. He thinks the new colors, finishes, and features that are available now on the iPhone attract more buyers. The different stores already share their pre-order dates with the customers. They also announced some deals for the people who have to buy iPhones.
One available deal for people is that they can trade their old phones and get a discount on the new iPhone 15. These deals are announced by the retailers like Jumbo Electronics. Eros Group is also going to announce some other deals such as people can pay the amount in monthly installments. It will make it easier for customers to buy the iPhone 15.
The price of the previous model will go down after the announcement of the iPhone 15. The prices of older iPhones will drop by 7 to 12 percent mentioned by Jumbo’s CEO. Rajat Asthana mentioned that the prices may drop by 10 to 15 percent. The drop in the prices may take time. So if you have to buy a phone then you have to wait a while until the price drops.
So from these places, you can Buy iPhone 15 In Installments In UAE. Share it with your fellows who are also looking for shops where they will get the iPhone in installments.

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