Best Digital Startup Award 2023

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Zindigi, powered by JS Bank, has won the esteemed accolade of “Best Startup of the Year” at the prestigious Pakistan Digital Award 2023, which is a remarkable achievement. This special recognition is a testament to Zindigi’s exceptional dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence in its operations.

Zindagi’s sustained growth and innovation have been impressive, and the industry continues to be captivated by the company. It is poised to make a significant impact shortly. This prestigious award further solidifies Zindigi’s position as a leading player in the startup ecosystem, affirming its commitment to revolutionizing the industry landscape with its dynamic and visionary approach.

Zindigi’s remarkable journey in the market started just a year ago. After their earlier success at the Pakistan Technology Excellence Award 2022, they have now achieved another major milestone. This prestigious recognition speaks volumes about their dedication, hard work, and teamwork. The entire Zindigi family is proud of this accomplishment.

Noman Azhar, Chief Officer at Zindigi, expressed his profound pride in their accomplishments and reiterated their steadfast commitment to their mission of reshaping the financial landscape in Pakistan for the digital generation. With its sights set on a brighter future, Zindagi remains resolute in redefining the norms and transforming the way finance is perceived and accessed in the nation.

The elated team expressed their motivation for the prestigious award. It inspires them to continue revolutionizing the industry and delivering innovative financial solutions. Meena Munawar Khan, the esteemed Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Zindigi, graciously acknowledged the win. Also, she stated their delight in being deserving recipients of the esteemed accolade.

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It profoundly reflects the unwavering commitment and tireless efforts of our exceptional team, while also symbolizing the immense trust and loyalty bestowed upon us by millions of our valued customers, who form the bedrock of our success.

Zindagi emerged as a pioneering force in the mutual funds and stocks market. Its innovative solutions revolutionized the investment process. Now, mutual funds are accessible to all Pakistanis, regardless of financial background.

What truly sets Zindigi apart is its unwavering commitment to democratizing the investment landscape. The company empowers individuals by providing comprehensive financial knowledge. It equips them with user-friendly digital tools. This enables people to take control of their financial destinies. Instead, it becomes an opportunity for all.

Zindigi’s significant contributions reverberate throughout the industry, reshaping traditional norms and fostering a newfound sense of financial independence among individuals. Also, Its tireless efforts continue to fuel the momentum of progress. That is paving the way for a future where everyone can actively participate and thrive.

Furthermore, Zindagi fervently and proactively dedicates its unwavering efforts to empower Pakistan, a nation brimming with potential and possibilities. Through an extensive array of multifaceted projects, Zindagi steadfastly focuses on fostering empowerment among the youth and women. Two pivotal pillars of progress and social transformation.


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