Al-Qadir University Scandal

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to another blog. This article will discuss the topic in detail “Al-Qadir University Scandal”. Now we will discuss in detail the basic information vision and mission of Al-Qadir University. And nowadays of which reason this university is facing these serious allegations and a scandal case.

About Al-Qadir University

Imran Khan is the founder of Al-Qadir University, which is being built in Sohawa near Islamabad. Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed is serving as the university’s vice-chancellor. The name of the trust was inspired by one of the names of God, Al-Qadir, which means powerful and capable.

The university aims to produce leaders of the Muslim community who are both morally upright and intellectually active. The groundbreaking ceremony for Al-Qadir University took place on May 5th, 2019, in Suhawa. The ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Imran Khan, who laid the university’s foundation stone.

At Al-Qadir University, our primary objective is to restore the Islamic civilization’s tradition of pursuing knowledge. We strive to produce individuals who are disciplined, innovative, and capable of reaching great heights. Our ultimate goal is to redefine contemporary leadership and management paradigms by drawing upon prophetic examples. Additionally, we aim to prepare our students to teach character traits like humility and service to humanity.

AL-Qadir Trust Case

Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister and current Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf was arrested on Tuesday by Rangers personnel. The arrest is related to an investigation into the Qadir Trust. Khan was taken into custody from the premises of Islamabad High Court. He had been granted bail in several cases related to terrorism and money laundering. Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah held a press conference after Khan’s arrest. He claimed that the PTI chief was taken into custody for his alleged involvement in a corruption scandal worth Rs. 60 billion related to Al-Qaeda.

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Khan’s wife, Bushra Bibi, and other PTI leaders are also under investigation for their alleged involvement in a corruption case related to a property tycoon. The investigation claims that their actions led to a loss of 190 million pounds from the national treasury. It has been alleged that Khan and other suspects received 50 billion rupees in exchange for a deal with the UK’s National Crime Agency. Moreover, Khan has also been accused of misusing 458 million rupees for the establishment of Al-Qadir University during his tenure as Prime Minister.

During the PTI government, the UK’s National Crime Agency seized assets worth 190 million pounds from a property tycoon in the UK. Later on, it came to light that Khan had given approval for a secret agreement with the tycoon on December 3, 2019, without disclosing its details. The agreement specified that the tycoon was to submit the money to the Supreme Court. Following the government’s approval of the agreement, the Qadri Trust was established in Islamabad a few weeks later.

University Project

In just two years, the Trust has made significant strides towards this objective by acquiring land and constructing purpose-built buildings. Additionally, the Trust has recruited highly qualified faculty and staff and implemented customized infrastructure to create a top-notch educational environment.

To meet the requirements set forth by the Higher Education Regulations of the Punjab Government, the Trust applied for and successfully obtained affiliation with the Lahore College of Government College University. This affiliation is necessary for the Trust to be able to grant degrees to its students.

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Soon after its establishment, Al-Qadir took in its first batch of students within just two years. It has already established two departments, one for Management Science and the other for Islamic Studies.

The institute has approached the Punjab Higher Education Commission. They aim to apply for the status of a Degree Awarding Institute. Their task is to manage the educational affairs of the institute autonomously.

Last year, the university granted scholarships to a significant percentage of students, allowing them to pursue their studies. To ensure transparency, qualified and independent auditors audit the Trust’s accounts. The Trust is enthusiastic about making a meaningful contribution to the country’s higher education landscape by providing high-quality education at Al-Qadir.


Our community actively embodies the symbols of Allah. Our goal is to realize our fullest potential. We aim to do so within ourselves and the world we inhabit.


  • As a liberal arts college that follows Islamic principles, our mission is to conduct research and share knowledge in the fields of humanities and social sciences.
  • We aim to become a leading institution that offers innovative solutions to contemporary issues while upholding the traditional values of our faith.
  • By integrating Islamic values into our curriculum and promoting ethical behavior, we seek to produce graduates who are not only successful in their careers, but who also contribute positively to society.

University Programs Available

  • BS Management
  •  BS Islamic Studies

BS Management

At Al Qadir University Project Trust, our main focus is on equipping students with the latest tools and skills to enhance their learning and collaboration abilities. We strive to cultivate leadership qualities by integrating traditional educational principles with modern research.

  • Our program emphasizes personal development and character building, providing students with the opportunity to learn and grow as individuals.
  • We believe in interactive lesson plans and classroom discussions, encouraging students to participate actively in their learning process.
  • To provide students with real-world experience, we incorporate case studies taught by renowned faculty and case study authors from Pakistan and abroad.
  • Moreover, we use simulations that enable students to critically analyze problems in real time, honing their problem-solving skills.
  • We also place a strong emphasis on research and experiential learning to ensure that our students have the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their chosen fields.
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BS Islamic Studies

Al-Qadir is proud to announce the introduction of the BS Islamic Studies Program, which aligns with our vision and mission of promoting Islamic values. This program aims to cultivate individuals who embody the admirable traits of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through a comprehensive curriculum.

Our esteemed faculty and effective teaching methods make the BS Islamic Studies Program an exceptional choice. The curriculum focuses on providing a thorough understanding of the timeless texts and biographies of Islamic tradition, in addition to delving into the interpretation of Quranic scriptures and the Arabic language.

We believe that this program will not only impart valuable knowledge but also nurture individuals who can serve as exemplary role models in their communities.


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