AI in Photoshop Automatically Adds Items to Images

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to another blog. Today we will talk about everything you need to know about AI in Photoshop Automatically Adds Items to Images. On Tuesday, Adobe made an exciting announcement as it introduced a remarkable new feature known as “Generative Fill” in its beta version of Photoshop. This cutting-edge tool harnesses the power of cloud-based image synthesis to enhance selected areas within an image. Generative Fill utilizes advanced AI technology. It generates and inserts content based on text descriptions. This innovative feature will transform image manipulation and enhancement for users. It opens up countless creative possibilities.

It operates similarly to the “inpainting” technique used in previous versions like DALL-E and Stable Diffusion. By utilizing Adobe Firefly, Generative Fill enables users to effortlessly replace and fill in missing elements in images. This feature offers a remarkable and intuitive editing experience.

Generative Fill is powered by Adobe Firefly, an advanced image-synthesis model. Firefly was created by Adobe and trained using a vast collection of images from their stock library. This deep-learning AI model can establish connections between visual elements and text descriptions. As a result, it can generate alternative textual representations for images.

Now, Photoshop users can easily input their visual concept, like “a clown on a computer monitor,” and experience the incredible capabilities of Firefly. This tool generates various options for users to choose from, making selection effortless. Generative Fill is a brilliant feature that utilizes the powerful AI technique called “inpainting.” It ensures the generated imagery seamlessly blends with the existing image, creating a cohesive and contextually-aware composition.

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How to Use?

To utilize the Generative Fill tool effectively, you must first select the specific area within an image that you wish to modify. Once you have made the selection, a helpful “Contextual Task Bar” will appear, providing you with the option to input a descriptive text that conveys your desired generation for the chosen area. This valuable data is then transmitted to Adobe’s servers via Photoshop for meticulous processing, after which the results are promptly returned to the application, enabling you to observe and implement the modified content.

The Generative Fill tool adds a layer called the “Generative Layer.” This layer allows you to modify the image content without causing permanent changes. You can add new elements, extend existing ones, or remove certain components using text prompts. The tool automatically adjusts the generated content to match the perspective, lighting conditions, and style of the original image.

Apart from Generative Fill, the Photoshop beta has introduced another remarkable AI-powered feature called Firefly. With the assistance of Firefly, Photoshop now possesses the capability to effectively eliminate specific elements from an image, erase objects within a scene, and even expand the dimensions of an image by generating surrounding content. This advanced technique, known as “outpainting,” enables users to seamlessly extend the content of an image beyond its original boundaries.

Currently in Beta Testing

The Generative Fill feature in the Photoshop beta application is currently available to all members of Creative Cloud who have an active subscription or are using the trial version of Photoshop. To access this feature, you can navigate to the “Beta apps” section within the Creative Cloud application.

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It is crucial to note that Generative Fill is currently not intended for commercial utilization. Furthermore, it is inaccessible to individuals who are below the age of 18 and is presently limited to supporting text prompts exclusively in the English language. Additionally, it is important to mention that Generative Fill is not available in China at this time.

Coming Shortly

Adobe has announced its intentions to bring Generative Fill to all Photoshop customers by the end of the current year. This move aims to provide a wider audience with the ability to effortlessly produce imaginative visuals, including the creation of yard clown designs.


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